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Sl No. Order No. & Date Concerned Officer(s) Details View
51 yet to join Shri Bibhav Dutta,Income Tax Ombudsman, Pune (order issued on 10.09.2015)
52 24.10.2013 Shri M.D.Kabra,Income Tax Ombudsman, Bhopal
53 04.11.2013 Shri G.S.Randhawa, Income Tax Ombudsman, Chandigarh
54 03.11.2014 Ms. Anita Kapur, Chairperson, CBDT
55 30.09.2015 Ms. Ananya Ray,IRS (C&CE:80) as Member, CBEC Download (585.95 KB) pdf
56 A.12026/6/2015-Ad.I dated 06.10.2015 Member, Settlement Commission (C&CE) Download (48.61 KB) pdf
57 A 12026/9/2015-Ad I dated 20.10.2015 Appointment of Chairman Settlement Commission (IT/WT) Download (26.69 KB) pdf
58 A12026/10/2015-Ad1 dt 29.10.2015 Appointment of Member Income Tax Settlement Commission Download (44.68 KB) pdf
59 No 12026/13/2015-Ad1 dt 30.10.2015 Appointment of Member (Revenue), AAR (Income Tax) Download (33.1 KB) pdf
60 No A 12026/14/2014-Ad1 dt 30.10.2015 Appointment of Dir , in CBDT in DOR Download (26.01 KB) pdf