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GOI Revision Orders - Central Excise (Jan2016 - Mar2016)

Jan-Mar               Apr-June                July-Sept                    Oct-Dec

GOI Order No. Date RA No.
   Applicant      Respondent OIA No./Date
 1/2016-cx 8.1.16  195/645/2011-RA  M/s Rama Steel Tubes Ltd.  CCE, Ghaziabad  268-CE/Appeal/Ghaziabad/2010 dt. 24.11.10
 2-9/2016-cx  11.1.16  198/179-186/12-RA  CCE&C, Chandigarh-II  M/s Ind Swift Laboratories Ltd.  86-93/CE/Appl/CHD-II/2012 dt. 7.3.12
 10/2016-cx  15.1.16  195/254/12-RA  M/s Universal Impes, Mumbai  CCE, Mumbai-III  US/506/RGD/11(Appeals), MUmbai Zone-III
 11/2016-cx  20.1.16  195/1479/12-RA  M/s Themis Medicare Ltd., Haridwar  CC&CE, Meerut-I  212-CE/MRT-I/2012 dt. 24.7.12
 12/2016-cx  25.1.16  195/1477/12-RA  M/s Themis Medicare Ltd., Haridwar  CC&CE, Meerut-I  212-CE/MRT-I/2012 dt. 24.7.12
 13/2016-cx  25.1.16  195/1575/2012-RA M/s Dynamatic Technologies Ltd.  CCE, Bangaluru-II  246/2012-CE dt. 31.8.12
 14/2016-cx  25.1.16  195/230/12-cx  M/s Great India Industrial and Pharmaceutical Ltd.  CCE, Mumbai-I  YDB/05/M-I/2012 dt. 16.1.12
 15/2016-cx  27.1.16  198/242/12-cx  CCE, Meerut-I  M/s Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd., Muzaffnagar  139/CE/MRT-I/2012 dt. 11.6.12
 16-2016-cx  27.1.16  195/473/2012-RA  M/s Anvil Cables Pvt. Ltd.  CCE, Raigad  US/82/RGD/2012 dt. 10.2.12
 17-19-2016-cx  28.1.16  198/52-54/12-RA  CCE, Bangalore  M/s Globe Technologies, Bangalore  413-415/2011-CE dt. 26.12.11
 20-2016-cx  28.1.16  195/844/12-RA  M/s RHI Classil Ltd., Visakhapatnam  CCE, Visakhapatnam  02/2012(V-II)CE dt. 28.6.12
 21-2016-cx  28.1.16 195/258/13-RA M/s Xomox Sanmar Ltd., Viralimalai  CC&CE, Tiruchirapally  331/2012 dt. 26.11.12
 22-16-cx  28.1.16  195/801/12-RA  M/s Xomox Sanmar Ltd., Viralimalai  CC&CE, Tiruchirapally  88/2012 dt. 24.5.12
 23-16-cx  28.1.16  195/1551/12-RA  M/s Xomox Sanmar Ltd., Viralimalai   CC&CE, Tiruchirapally 206/2012 dt. 31.8.12
 24-16-cx  29.1.16  195/407/12-RA  M/s Cadila Health Care Ltd  CCE, Raigad  US/03/RGD/12 dt. 16.1.12
 25-16-cx  29.1.16  195/622/12-RA  M/s Union Quality Plastics Ltd.  CCE, Raigad  US/225/RGD/12 dt. 30.3.12
 26-16-cx  29.1.16  195/222/12-RA  M/s Unique Wire Industries  CCE, Raigad  BC/217/RGD/11 dt. 30.12.11
 27-16-cx  29.1.16  195/1577/12-RA  M/s Radiall India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore  CCE, Bangalore-II  239/12-CE dt. 24.8.12
 28-16-cx  29.1.16  195/699/12-RA  M/ s Govardhan Poly Plast Pvt. Ltd, Surat  CCE, Raigad  US/266/RGD/12 dt. 24.4.12
 29-31-16-cx  3.2.16  198/40-42/12-RA  CCE&C, Chandigarh-II  M/s Ind-Swift Ltd.  245-247/CE/Appl/CHD-II/2011 dt. 13.12.11
 32-16-cx 4.2.16  195/735/12-RA  M/s Mahavir Synthesis Pvt. Ltd.  CCE, Raigad  US/315/RGD/12 dt. 3.5.12
 33-16-cx  5.2.16  195/507/12-RA  M/s Fichem, Ahmedabad  CCE, Raigad  US/176/RGD/12 dt. 15.3.12
 34-16-cx  10.2.16  198/84/12-RA  CCE, Mumbai-III  M/s United Enterprises, Mumbai  BC/291/M-III/11-12 dt. 31.1.12
 35-16-cx  19.2.16  195/582/12-RA  M/s Bhuwalika Steel Industries Ltd., Thane  CCE, Mumbai-I  Th-1/RKS/26/2012/306 dt. 29.2.12
 36-38-16-cx  22.2.16  195/252-254/13-RA  M/s Black Stone Overseas Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata  CCE, Raipur  182-184/RPR-I/2012 dt. 19.10.12
 39-16-cx  26.2.16  195/459/12-RA  M/s Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd.  CCE, Raigad  US/198/RGD/12 dt. 20.3.12
 40-47-16-cx  10.3.16  195/187/13-RA & others  M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd.  CCE, Raigad  BC/492/RGD(R)/2012-13 dt. 31.12.12 & others
 48-49-16-cx  10.3.16 195/496-497/13-RA M/s Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad  CCE, Mumbai-II  876-877/RGD/2012 dt. 11.12.12
50-16-cx 11.3.16 195/687/12-RA M/s USV Ltd. Mumbai CCEC&ST, Raigad US/236/RGD/2012 dt. 16.4.12  
51/16-cx 28/3/16 195/385/2012-RA M/s Cipla Ltd., Mumbai CCE, Mumbai-III BC/367/MUM -III/2011-12 dt. 13.3.12  
52/16-cx 29/3/16 195/685/12-RA M/s Cipla Ltd, Mumbai CCE, Mumbai-III BC/10/MUM-III/2012-13 dt. 20.4.12  
53/16-cx 31.3.16 195/686/2012-RA M/s Positive Packaging Industries Ltd. CCE, Raigad US/271/RGD/2012 dt. 25.4.12  
 54/16-cx  31.3.16  198/80/2012-RA  CCE, Mumbai-III  M/s Cipla Ltd. BC/286/MUM-III/11-12 dt. 31.10.11  
 55/16-cx  31.3.16  195/380/2012-RA  M/s Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.  CCE, Mumbai-II  BC/331/M-II/2011-12 dt. 27.2.12  



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