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GOI Revision Orders - Customs

GOI Order No Date RA No Applicant Respondent OIA No./Date Attachment File
34/16-cus 22/03/2016 375/29/B/2013-RA Shri Vinay Kumar CC, IGI Airport, New Delhi CC(A)Cus/598/2013 dt. 18.10.13 Download (3.53 MB) pdf
33/16-cus 22/03/2016 373/84/B/13-RA CC, IGI Airport, New Delhi Shri Raj Kumar Sabharwal CC(A)Cus/Air/190/2013 dt. 1.5.13 Download (5.23 MB) pdf
32-16-cus 22/03/2016 380/62/DBK/14-RA CC, Tuticorin M/s Sudhama Hosieries, New Tirupur 57/2014 dt. 27.3.14 Download (2.68 MB) pdf
31/16-cus 21/03/2016 380/72/B/13-RA CC (Airport & Air Cargo), Chennai Mohammed Rafick Bin Samsudeen 907/2013 dt. 28.6.13 Download (2.61 MB) pdf
29-30/16-cus 08/03/2016 380/68/B/13-RA & others CC, Tiruchirapalli & others Shri M. Kudubdeen & others C.Cus/58/2013 dt. 16.5.13 Download (2.71 MB) pdf
28/16-cus 08/03/2016 380/71/B/13-RA CC (Airport & Air Cargo), Chennai Shri Sadiq Bin Samsudeen C.Cus No.906/2013 dt. 28.6.13 Download (2.51 MB) pdf
27/16-cus 04/03/2016 375/34/B/13-RA Shri Zaheer Ahmad CC, IGI Airport New Delhi C.C(A) Cus/606/2013 dt. 25.10.13 Download (2.61 MB) pdf
26/16-cus 03/03/2016 373/32/B/13-RA Mr.Haja Mohideen Abdul Jaleel CC (Import & Export), Chennai C.Cus No.1480/2012 dt. 19.12.12 Download (3.91 MB) pdf
25/16-cus 02/03/2016 375/19/B/13-RA Mr. Sultan Bahardeen, New Delhi CC, ICD, Tughlakabad, New Delhi CC(A)/cus/282/2013 dt. 29.4.13 Download (2.66 MB) pdf
21-24/16-cus 26/02/2016 375/30/DBK/2013-RA & others M/s National Industrial Corpn. Ltd., Derabassi CCE, Chandigarh-II JAL-EXCUS-000-APP/099 to 102/2013 dt. 6.9.13 Download (3.61 MB) pdf