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Archived What's New

SL. No. Title Details
11 Opening /Closing /Updating of e-mail accounts of Officers/Officials under the Administrative control of Department of Revenue (HQ.),CBDT and CBIC-reg. Download (186.44 KB) pdf
12 Celebration of Constitution Day on 26 November, 2021(Friday). Download (1.03 MB) pdf
13 Proper disposal of Waste paper/obsolete items,etc. Download (614.44 KB) pdf
14 Maintenance of cleanliness -Effectiveness of cleanliness campaign. Download (204.45 KB) pdf
15 Security Audit For DOR. Download (223.78 KB) pdf
16 Proper disposal of Waste paper/ obsolete items,etc. Download (377.8 KB) pdf
17 All Almirahs be clerared from all the Corridors. Download (394.61 KB) pdf
18 Filling up the post of Administrative officer(Group A) in the Adjudicating Authority under the Prevention of money Laundering Act.2002 New Delhi-Reg. Download (3.22 MB) pdf
19 Special Drive for Weeding Out of old Records/Files, Disposal of Waste material, Disposal of Newspaper Waste , Old/ Written off books, Disposal of E-waste etc. Download (293.84 KB) pdf
20 Re-Opening of Gym & Yoga Centre of Department of Revenue. Download (1.09 MB) pdf