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Manufacture of Narcotic Drugs

Drugs whose manufacture is completely prohibited:

Crude cocaine, ecgonine and diacetylmorphine (commonly known as heroin) and their salts.

Drugs which can be manufactured only by the Government Opium and Alkaloid Works or when a license is issued if the Government determines it to be in public interest to issue a license:

Morphine, codeine, dionine, thebaine, dihydrocodeinoe, dihydrocodeine, acetyldihydrocodeine, acetyldihydrocodeinone, dihydromorphine, dihydromorphinone, dihydrohydroxy codeinone, pholcodine and their respective salts.

Drugs which can be manufactured after obtaining a license:

Narcotic drugs other than the above can be manufactured after obtaining a license from the Narcotics Commissioner. The Narcotics Commissioner issues a license only if the conditions are fulfilled including producing a manufacturing license from the Drugs and Cosmetics Act/Rules from the State Drugs controller and the licenses to be obtained from the State Government under the State NDPS Rules for possession, use and sale of narcotic drugs.

For specific legal provisions, please refer Chapter V of the NDPS Rules, 1985.