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Treatment and Rehabilitation

Drug addiction can be treated. However, after treatment, unless the addict is rehabilitated and helped, he may return to drugs. The addict needs counseling even after treatment not only to retain him clean but also to help him return to a normal life. Thus, a drug addict has to undergo:

  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Social reintegration

Often, an addict loses much of his social circle of family and friends and his image as an addict remains even after he is treated by the doctors. Unless the family accepts him back into the family, the addict may simply go back to the other addicts just for company. This is the social re-integration part of the drug demand reduction.

Treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts is done by several private clinics, NGO run institutions as well as in the Government hospitals.

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment supports over 400 NGOs working in the field of drug demand reduction. All India Institute of Medical Sciences has a National Drug Dependency Treatment Centre which treats drug addicts.

For more information on drug demand reduction please visit the website of Ministry of Social Justice& Empowerment.

Several state governments also have their programs for drug demand reduction.