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Project for computerisation of VAT administrations in HP and J&K

  • A project for computerization of VAT administration of these two States has been approved with total project cost of Rs. 40.49 crore, of which the Central share of assistance is Rs. 25.33 crore. The remaining amount is to be provided by these States. The responsibility of undertaking VAT computerization for Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh has been entrusted to the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers (EC) on the request of these States.
  • The project envisages provision of the following online services:-
  • a. For Dealer's facilitation:

    • Online registration under Value Added Tax (VAT) and Central Sales Tax (CST) Acts
    • Online filing of VAT, CST and Profession Tax Returns
    • Online payment of Commercial Taxes including Profession Tax
    • Online application for the issue of CST related Declaration Forms/ Certificates
    • Online application for the issue of Way Bills
    • nline submission of utilization statements in respect of Forms and Waybills
    • Self-creation of User-id and Password for accessing e-services
    • Online Dealer’s Profile
    • Computer-aided assessment
    • Usual portal services, etc.
    • Statutory forms to be available online for downloading through secured logins and digital certificates
    • Online registration of grievances

    b.For Department's Administration:

    • Auto Business rules to validate the applications and the information submitted by the dealers
    • Auto alerts to the concerned Sector Office in case of change in dealer information
    • Information of the Returns to the concerned sector officer with complete return detail
    • Auto risk analysis of the return submitted by the dealer
    • Auto matching/mismatching of sale/purchase details for ITC verification
    • Auto generation of annual return data for the assessing officer to assess the dealer
    • Auto creation of dealer ledgers and secured access to the concerned officers
    • Auto calculation of interest due on the refund amount
    • Auto calculation of outstanding liabilities of a dealer and offsetting
    • Auto scheduling of hearing dates
    • MIS reporting to give a 360 degree view
  • An amount of Rs 7.00 crore has been released to EC by the Department of Revenue till 31st January,2011 for the project activities. Project Monitoring Committees at Central Level as well as State level have been set up to monitor the progress of the project on regular basis. The project activities have picked up momentum in last two quarters of FY 2010-11. It is expected that most of the services planned under the project will start getting delivered by December, 2011.