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Date Name Designation Notification/Office Order
05.03.2014 Shri R.K.Tewari Chairperson, CBDT No. 18 ( F.No. A.19011/16/2012-Ad.I) 
07.10.2013 Shri G.S.Randhawa Income Tax Ombudsman, Bhopal Office Order No. 286/2013 dated 07.10.2013
07.10.2013 Shri M.D.Kabra Income Tax Ombudsman, Chennai Office Order No. 287/2013 dated 07.10.2013
 19.06.2013 Shri G.G.Shukla Income Tax Ombudsman, Pune Office Order No. 130/2013 dated 19.06.2013
  19.06.2013 Shri K.Madhavan Nair Income Tax Ombudsman, Kochi Office Order No. 129/2013 dated 19.06.2013
 14.06.2013 Ms. Sudha Sharma Chairperson, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) Office Order No. 127/2013 dated 14.06.2013
 26.04.2013 Ms. Shobha L. Chary Member (P&V), CBEC additional Charge of Member (ST), CBEC Office Order No. 94/2013 dated 26.04.2013
 11.04.2013 Ms. Archana Pandey Tiwari  Joint Secretary (Review), CBEC additional Charge of Joint Secretary (RA), CBEC Office Order No. 91/2013 dated 11.04.2013
 02.04.2013 Shri Premanand J. (IRS) Under Secretary (FIPB) Office Order No. 82/2013 dated 02.04.2013
 31.03.2013 Mrs. Parvinder S. Behuria  Member, CBDT Office Order No. 80/2013 dated 31.03.2013
 13.03.2013 Shri Rajiv Yadav (IRS) Director (Service Tax) Office Order No. 68/2013 dated 13.03.2013
 07.10.2013 Shri M.D.Kabra    


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