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GOI Revision Orders - Customs

GOI Order No Date RA No Applicant Respondent OIA No./Date Attachment File
53/2017-CUS 14/12/2017 375/18/B/15-RA Mr. Shoukat Lal Mandhwani Commissioner of Customs (Preventive), Amritsar ASR-CUSTOM-PRV-APP-218/14-15 dated 22.10.2014 Download (124.06 KB) pdf
52/2017-CUS 06/12/2017 375/33/DBK/2014-RA M/s J.S. Designer Ltd. Commissioner of Customs, Export, Air Cargo, New Delhi CC(A)Cus-432/2014 dated 26.03.2014 Download (135.34 KB) pdf
51/2017-CUS 17/11/2017 372/01/DBK/14-RA M/s R.A. Exports, Kolkata Commissioner of Customs, Kolkata 10/Cus/DBK/P/640/2013 dated 12.02.2013 Download (152.85 KB) pdf
49/2017-CUS 13/11/2017 CC(A)Cus/D-1/Air/250/2015 Mr. Kamal, New Delhi Commissioner of Customs, Delhi CC(A)Cus/D-1/Air/250/2015 dated 22.05.2015 Download (118.72 KB) pdf
48/2017-CUS 10/11/2017 375/30/B/2015-RA Mr. Moolakadath I, Kerala Commissioner of Customs, IGI Airport, New Delhi CC(A)/CUS/Air/244/2015 dated 13.05.2015 Download (75.31 KB) pdf
47/2017-Cus 10/11/2017 375/20/B/15-RA Mrs. Harjeet Kaur Kundi, Delhi Commissioner of Customs, New Delhi CC(A)CusAir/180/2015 dated 31.03.2015 Download (128.17 KB) pdf
45/2017-CUS 09/11/2017 375/35/B/15-RA Mr. Sunil Kalwani Commissioner of Customs, Delhi CC(A)Cus/D-1/Air/215-2015 dated 06.05.2015 Download (150.31 KB) pdf
43/2017-CUS 08/11/2017 375/38/B/14-RA Mr. Saud Arsad, Delhi Commissioner of Customs, New Delhi CC(A)Cus/D-1/Aoir/383/2015 dated 02.06.2015 Download (79.79 KB) pdf
42/2017-CUS 08/11/2017 375/29/B/14-RA Mr. Niraj Kumar, Punjab Commissioner of Customs, New Delhi CC(A)Cus/D-1/Air/399/2015 dated 23.06.2015 Download (75.14 KB) pdf
41/2017-CUS 08/11/2017 375/14/B/2015-RA Mr. Mohd Junaid, Kanpur Commissioner of Customs, New Delhi CC(A)Cus/Air/1086/2014 dated 02.12.2014 Download (77.13 KB) pdf